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Chief Executive Officer

Buddy Lockwood

Buddy Lockwood took the helm as Artemis CEO when he founded the company in March of 2016. As a seasoned leader, he spearheads a dynamic team committed to ensuring Artemis Shielding is the preferred choice for radiation shielding solutions. Buddy, together with his team, brought from concept to fruition – a groundbreaking non-toxic, flexible, lightweight, and eco-friendly radiation shielding, revolutionizing the field.

Before founding Artemis Shielding, Buddy served his country with distinction in the United States Army’s Elite Special Forces. He retired in 2016, his distinguished 20-year career featuring six combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as multiple awards for valor. Additionally, Buddy successfully started, managed, and eventually sold a private global security company. For his remarkable entrepreneurial achievements, the Catalyst Center for Business and Entrepreneurship honored Buddy as the Veteran Entrepreneur of the Year in 2022.

Born and raised in Colorado, Buddy now resides in Northern Alabama with his children, where he spends his leisure time hunting, fishing, and enjoying outdoor life. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Buddy is an active Master Mason and Shriner, committed to making his community a better place.