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Artemis Shielding Starts 2024 with Largest Production Run in Company History

February 5, 2024

Our sights are set on innovation and growth in 2024. This year, we are focused on four priorities aimed at elevating our processes and ensuring client satisfaction.

Increased Inventory

To provide the best customer experience possible, we are putting a huge focus on increasing inventory levels. This is a goal that we’re already surpassing.

We are starting the year with the largest production run in our company’s history, allowing for significantly reduced lead times. The ongoing effort of our team is directed towards ensuring ample products are on our shelves to meet your needs promptly.

Expanded Distribution

In 2024, our team is working hard to expand our distribution channels.

We are pleased to announce that our recent collaboration with SDI Canada will broaden our reach and make our lead-free solutions accessible across various industries in North America. This agreement represents a step toward our international growth strategy.

Simply put, our customers are our priority. We promise to provide seamless access to non-toxic, lead-free radiation shielding.

Strengthened Supply Chain Capabilities

In response to disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing challenges in the supply chain, we are taking a proactive approach to address shortages of raw materials in 2024. We are placing a strong emphasis on strengthening our manufacturing capabilities, with a goal of efficiency and responsiveness. We are investing in optimizing production processes and building strategic partnerships to position ourselves as a reliable lead-free radiation shielding partner.

New Manufacturing Processes

We are proud to be a team of innovators. In 2024, we are focusing on new ways to manufacture our products and materials, including the integration of 3D printing technology. While our traditional methodologies remain steadfast in protecting from the dangers of radiation, the adoption of 3D-printed shielding introduces a paradigm shift. This innovative approach offers savings for smaller scale projects and faster turnaround times.

Our 3D printed solutions could be a fit for your project. Connect with us today to learn more.

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