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Artemis Shielding

products made for the nuclear industry directly minimize radiation exposure and can be customized for your application.

Artemis Shielding products are:






Nanotek® Brick

The Artemis Shielding Nanotek® Brick is a custom injection molded or extruded interlocking replacement for lead bricks. This shielding product is used in applications where the emission of radiation is 511 KeV up to 15 MeV.

The unique chevron interlocking design gives the brick a multipurpose application to any challenge you are facing, while delivering firm placement everytime. Our Nanotek® Brick is easily installed, customizable based on shielding requirements and made with Nanotek® XYZ material, a cost-effective replacement comparable to the price of raw lead.

Protective Shield

Our shielding blanket is used to directly minimize radiation exposure for maintenance workers and inspectors in nuclear facilities. The Artemis Shielding protective shield has many forms of application; it can be hung, wrapped, and also sized for standard and custom fits. 

Like all Artemis Shielding products, the protective shield is non-toxic, lead-free, Prop 65 and RoHS compliant.

Custom Solutions

If you’re looking for a custom solution for your nuclear application, look no further than Artemis Shielding. We provide radiation shielding in many forms including pipe shielding and wrapping, injection molding, flooring and more. Like all Artemis Shielding products, our custom solutions are non-toxic, lead-free, Prop 65 and RoHS compliant, and designed to isolate hot spots.