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Fort Payne firm knocks the lead out of radiation shielding

Artemis Shielding’s mission is to protect people and the world from the dangers of lead and radiation. The veteran-owned-and-operated company, headquartered in Fort Payne, focuses on manufacturing lead-free, non-toxic, radiation shielding materials (RSM) for a variety of industries, including medical, nuclear and security.

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Artemis Shielding Radiation Shielding Material Protects Equipment on the ISS

FORT PAYNE, AL – Artemis Shielding is pleased to announce the use of its Radiation Shielding Material (RSM) in a February 20 trip to the International Space Station (ISS) on behalf of Alpha Space Test & Research Alliance. The material was commissioned to protect testing equipment from the harmful effects of radiation during extended exposure periods on the ISS.

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