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Artemis Shielding

Industrial products and solutions ensure safety and quality control, while providing a more durable and longer lasting solution compared to lead.

Artemis Shielding products are:






Security Scanner Curtains

The Artemis Shielding security scanner curtains are custom designed and manufactured to shield operators and the public from harmful radiation produced by x-ray machinery. The curtains are commonly seen in airport security when scanning carry-on luggage and bags. The same utility applies to food and processing facilities to ensure safety and quality control. Employees who are working on or near x-ray machines in either environment are in danger of radiation exposure on a daily basis.

Artemis Shielding security curtains are lead-free, non-toxic and provide superior shielding protection. Artemis Shielding curtains undergo nearly zero shrinkage and emit no toxic powder providing a safer environment. Artemis security curtains are more durable and longer lasting than traditional curtains providing a greater value for our customers.

Custom Injection Molding

The Artemis Shielding patented Nanotek® Radiation Shielding Material (RSM) can be custom molded while in a liquid state to produce high quality parts quickly and economically in high volumes. Injection molding allows us to produce custom made and precision-fit parts for our customers.

X-Ray, CT and other scanning equipment have many hard-to-reach parts and assemblies aside from the security curtains that are crucial in shielding workers and the public from harmful radiation.  Injection molding these critical parts with our patented material provides a lighter weight, lead-free and non-toxic solution.

Extruded Sheets

Artemis Shielding offers custom, pliable radiation shielding material for X-Ray and other scanning equipment cabinets or enclosures. The extruded sheets and rolls are available in a variety of thicknesses matched to the customer’s shielding requirements, without having to “over-shield.”

This lead replacement comes in a standard sheet roll (26 x 84) with the option of an adhesive back for ease of installation. You’ll also never have to worry about remediation costs with our Nanotek® products as all are lead-free, non-toxic, and 100% recyclable.