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Artemis Shielding

provides radiation shielding that is more cost-effective and easier to install for testing facilities with high energy applications.

Artemis Shielding products are:






Non-Destructive Testing

Artemis Shielding Non-Destructive Testing solutions are effective in a wide range of applications ranging from 80kV portable units for small electronic parts inspection all the way up to large 9MeV vaults for detecting weld flaws in nuclear reactors for ships and submarines.  

When used in testing facilities, our Nanotek® and XYZ-Pure™ shielding products provide excellent radiation protection while often reducing weight and footprint compared to other traditional products such as lead-lined steel or concrete. In addition, all Artemis Shielding products are RoHS and Cal Prop 65 compliant making them safe for both people and the environment.

Artemis Shielding Non-Destructive products are lead-free, non-toxic and can be customized to meet the precise needs of our customers.


Artemis Shielding’s XYZ-Pure™ concept is easily customizable and can be used across various industries. XYZ-Pure™ was originally developed to replace concrete in higher energy level computed tomography applications. This revolutionary shielding solution has also been adapted to replace steel and lead in lower to mid-range energy applications.

XYZ-Pure™ is lead-free, cost-effective, and light weight when compared to concrete, steel, and lead. Because this product is non-toxic and recyclable, you can be certain that both your staff and the environment are safe from the dangers of lead.

Custom Barriers

The Artemis Shielding mobile barrier offers a safe environment from radiation vulnerability. The barrier is available in three standard sizes to fit the needs of most applications with the option of leaded glass windows. Our lightweight, ergonomic design allows for an easy installation that can be completed within minutes. 

The Artemis Shielding mobile barrier is made with Nanotek® XYZ material, a cost-effective replacement comparable to the price of raw lead.  Shielding is available from .5mm to 2mm lead equivalency. 

Sizes: 30W x 75H, 36W x 75H, 40W x 75H

Extruded Sheets

Artemis Shielding offers pliable radiation shielding material for testing facilities with profile extruded corners, and door and window jambs. This lead replacement comes in a standard sheet roll (26 x 84) with an adhesive back for ease of installation.

You’ll never have to worry about remediation costs with our room shielding. Our product can be applied directly to drywall or over existing drywall for a stress-free installation.

The room shielding material is made with Nanotek® XYZ material, a cost-effective replacement comparable to the price of raw lead.  Shielding is available from .5mm to 2.5mm lead equivalency.