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Buddy’s 10 Commitments: Why Clients Love Working with Artemis Shielding

July 31, 2023
We’re not a business just dedicated to protecting people from the dangers of lead and radiation, we are also a team dedicated to our customers. Artemis Shielding strives to protect people from the dangers of lead and radiation. Artemis’ CEO, Buddy Lockwood, believes the following commitments reflect how Artemis delivers a uniquely positive customer experience. […]

Revolutionizing Radiation Shielding

June 13, 2023
At Artemis Shielding, innovation meets responsibility. Our groundbreaking lead-free and non-toxic products are changing the game in the radiation shielding industry, offering superior durability and flexibility compared to traditional lead alternatives. With a mission to protect people and the world, we are proud to offer innovative solutions that prioritize safety without compromising performance. Sign up […]