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Looking for a non-toxic, lead-free, cost-effective or lighter weight product?
Artemis Shielding has your custom solution.


Artemis Shielding offers a variety of solutions to shield employees and other staff, along with isolating hot spots within nuclear facilities. Our customizable solutions provide material for pipe coverings, wrapping, wall shielding and more. When trying to shield a high energy radiation source, Artemis Shielding offers cost-effective and easily installed solutions.


When protecting from the harmful effects of diagnostic x-rays, Artemis Shielding offers lighter weight, customizable solutions that provide safer environments for loved ones and hospital staff. Our mobile barrier is a perfect example of effective shielding for low energy radiology and radiopharmaceutical environments. The Artemis room shielding eliminates remediation costs for medical suites while offering profile extruded corners, and door and window jambs.

Testing Facilities

Artemis Shielding provides safer, more cost-effective, more durable and longer lasting solutions for Cs-137 – Co-60 energy sources. All Artemis products for testing facilities provide a lead-free, non-toxic radiation shielding solution. Our products offer a customizable and often cost effective alternative to traditional shielding products.


Artemis Shielding offers customized solutions for a variety of applications across industries. Our products and solutions are safer, more cost-effective, more durable and longer lasting in many safety and security applications. Artemis security curtains are lead-free, non-toxic and provide superior shielding protection. The curtains are ideal for baggage scanners in airports as well as food industry employees working in a radioactive environment. Our patented Nanotek™ Radiation Shielding Material (RSM) is lead-free and non-toxic, with the ability to be injection molded for a precision fit.


Where performance, weight and flexibility are critical, Artemis Shielding’s Nanotek™ H Series radiation shielding material is a perfect fit for the aerospace industry. Artemis Shielding is lighter weight and more flexible when compared to other shielding options, helping designers and engineers maintain critical weight restrictions associated with space travel, while allowing for easy adaption of the shielding into the components to be protected.